So, you see one of those syringes or droppers with written labels of “THC distillate” on them. They look bright and golden. And for some reason, this isn’t your first time hearing about it. Well, raw or flavored THC distillates are a classic choice for many weed aficionados. Aside from its wide availability in most online dispensaries, it’s known to never fail in giving just the right amount of “punch.”

Suppose you’re just starting your experiment on THC distillates, then, perfect! Here, we are going to tackle the fundamentals of these highly potent substances. After reading this article, you’re also going to be given ideas on where and how to use them.

So, to get your “dose” on what a THC distillate is for, let’s get down to business:

Fundamental Facts and Uses of THC distillates

  1. THC distillates can make you high.

Before you say “duh,” there’s something else you should know about. In a cannabis plant, the reports say that there are over 80 to 100 cannabinoids present. Now, this is a pretty impressive number for a single plant. Among this number, only one cannabinoid has been proven to possess psychoactive elements. And that’s no other than THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

With this, we can deduce that THC is pretty unique. And that’s true. THC is powerful enough to intoxicate the body to induce euphoric sensations. No other element in this world can give what THC has to offer. In fact, the human body can’t trick itself into getting high!

But we’re not on the cool part yet. After establishing how powerful THC is, double its strength and make it pure- What you end up with is a THC distillate. Cannabis products rich in THC can make you high. But, just a few drops of distillates can redefine your definition of euphoria.

THC Distillate, how to use THC distillate, cannabis products,

  1. These substances are incredibly pure.

If you’ve ever seen a distillate in person, you’d know how “clear” it looks. Well, that’s because distillates are very pure. They are the purest among all the cannabis products in the market today.

The essence of distillates is being pure itself. See, other cannabis products like oils or strains still have waxes, other cannabinoids, and other impurities. This isn’t a bad thing but, what consumers are going for when they reach out to distillates is its pure content. Meaning, if it’s THC distillate, it’s just THC and nothing more.

So, if you’re looking to experience the entourage effect, we don’t recommend distillates. But if a crisp and clear sensation is what you want, you’re on the right track.

All distillates are oils by nature, but not all cannabis oils are distillates. A product can only be a distillate if it went under distillation. Here, it’s extracted, winterized, and distilled to achieve its standards of purity. Now, oils don’t go through this extensive process. And most of the time, oils are obtained simply via extraction.

  1. Distillation is an extreme process.

THC distillates are made via distillation. This is common knowledge but, did you know that it’s way more than distillation? In fact, distillation only occurs in the final stages of the process. Here’s how it really goes:

Distillation removes all of the plant’s components, including terpenes. They heat the extracted leftovers following the extraction process. TCH is triggered when it vaporizes (this process is called decarboxylation). Then, the evaporated product is decondensed once more.

Finally, the decondensed remains are gathered after going through all of these steps. We now have our THC distillate, known for its power, potency, and purity.

As said before, THC distillates have undergone a long and extensive distillation process. As a result, there are two primary reasons why people enjoy THC distillate. First and foremost, it is pure. THC distillates have purity levels ranging from 90% to 99 percent. This is a major benefit for consumers who do not want to see other compounds on their cannabis products, like fertilizers or solvents.

Potency is the second reason. There is now a considerable link between purity and potency. It’s a simple formula: if something is pure, it’s also potent. If a THC distillate has a purity of 99 percent, it has 990 milligrams of THC per gram.

THC Distillate, how to use THC distillate, cannabis products,

  1. THC distillates are very potent.

Mind the emphasis on “potent.” Suppose you’re going to ask any weed lover about why they purchased a distillate. In that case, their answer is most likely because it’s potent. If this is their answer, they are correct. THC distillates went all out on potency, which is good if you want to get high ASAP.

In a nutshell, potency refers to how strong THC’s psychoactive effects can be. The greater the psychoactive experience, the higher the potency. Because of this, a few drops of distillate will do more than any other product.

To put it in another way, potency refers to how impactful or strong a cannabis product is. THC distillates remain unrivaled in this category. For the time being, distillates are the most potent variant of the cannabis plant that has ever existed.

  1. Terpenes are removed in creating THC distillates.

Yes, they are removed. Terpenes are responsible for the aromatic and intense flavors we experience from cannabis plants. This sounds like something good, but why are terpenes extracted?

Going back to the said purity standards, we can’t have terpenes in distillates while the process is ongoing. But after distillation is done, some companies bring terpenes back into the mix!

People share different opinions about having terpenes in distillates. Since this is used a lot for edibles or weed candies, it makes sense that people prefer to discard terpenes to avoid tasting the earthy taste they bring. But if that’s not something that bothers you, terpenes in distillates can be a good idea too!

  1. THC distillates have health benefits you should know about.

THC distillates, like cannabis in general, can aid with a variety of diseases and conditions. It can help with anxiety, poor appetite, glaucoma, and chronic pain, for example. However, the benefits you expect from cannabis are the same with distillates (only more potent in some cases). After all, we can’t change the fact that they come from the same cannabis plant.

There is something you should be aware of. Because distillates are highly potent, it’s best to take small quantities at a time (probably around 5 mg. per serving.) If you’re a heavy consumer, you can up the dose. But, please be careful in consuming distillates, especially if it’s just your first time.


  1. THC Distillate, how to use THC distillate, cannabis products, Distillates are versatile

If there’s a go-to product for anyone who wants to be high while making most of their purchase, THC distillate is the answer. You’re going to see the many uses a single syringe or dropper can give you on the table below. And it doesn’t stop there! You can experiment as much as you want, as long as you keep your dosage in check with your body.

With that being said, here are the common ways people use THC distillates for:

THC Distillate Use: Method:






Vaping with THC distillate is a frequent practice. You can acquire a reputable vape pen and fill it with the distillate. This procedure will not involve much effort, and you should feel the “kick” right away.


By itself, using battery-operated vape pens produces a quick and somewhat “strong” experience. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, analyze yourself first. You can always increase your dosage tolerance gradually. Don’t rush it, as it takes away the fun!







Dabbing is another prevalent method. Take your dab rig out of the cabinet and start from there. This is a fantastic alternative because it allows you to conserve a lot of distillate while maximizing its potency.







Another terrific option is to smoke THC distillate. Because the distillate is in the form of a liquid-like oil, you can use your rolling paper.


Then, as usual, you add tobacco and/or cannabis. Now add a few drops to the mixture. And voila, you’ve got your high-powered distillate smoke within just a few minutes.







Tinctures are made from distillates suspended in alcohol. They usually take about three weeks to complete. But this duration is understandable.


If you don’t like the idea of doing this yourself, you get ready-made tinctures online!





This is done in a very straightforward manner. Just add this to your lotions, creams, or balms. It helps ease irritation or any bodily pain you’re experiencing. Plus, It’s also an excellent aid for relaxation.









Edibles are also a popular choice among enthusiasts. If you choose this technique, you should be prepared for delayed symptoms. Because edibles are digested, their effects can take time to occur or be felt.


But keep in mind that anything containing THC should not be taken lightly. The sensations are powerful, despite the delays.


Edibles are also quite versatile. You can make classic cannabis brownies, gummy sweets, lollipops, cookies — whatever you want!

The Takeaway

THC distillates may be one of the best discoveries ever made, as long as you keep safety and creativity in mind. Understanding how it’s created, what it’s for, and what it does to our bodies are all pieces of information that can help us have a better experience.

Above all, remember to sit back, relax, and enjoy!

THC Distillate, how to use THC distillate, cannabis products,

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