Cannabis As A Sleep Aid Over Alcohol

As humans, we all have some needs we can’t do without, like food, water, air, and sometimes sex. However, one need, which often goes unnoticed, is the need for sleep or rest. Sleeping to humans is key to our survival. It helps us reboot, reenergize, and make us ready and robust for whatever challenge comes before us.

The Need for Sleep

Considering we live in a very fast-paced world, most people find it very hard to make out time to get some quality bed rest. While hustling is a good thing, being unable to get some sleep when necessary is bound to leave some persons restless, and in worst cases, insomnia.

What Researchers Say

While sleep is necessary for humans for healthy living, very few adults across the globe still find it hard to get some much-needed rest. To the Université Laval, over 40% of adults in Canada suffer from some sleep disorder symptoms. With so much people suffering from insomnia and sleeping related disorders, many patients medicate with either cannabis or alcohol. To put cannabis as a sleep aid over alcohol, then this research is definitely for you. First up, we’d be looking at the potency of cannabis for people living with insomnia.

Cannabis for Insomnia and Other Sleep-Related Disorders

Cannabis for centuries has always proven effective as a panacea for sleep and sleep-related disorders. An Oxford University research suggests that cannabis intake shortens the time required to fall asleep without any troubles. This is for not only non-patients but also people suffering from sleep and sleep-related disorders. Based on the research conducted, people with active sleeping disorders medicated with cannabis needed just 30 minutes or less before falling asleep.

Alcohol as a Sleep Aid

The connection between sleep and alcohol has been researched extensively, sandwiched with inconclusive findings. Some opine that alcohol use increases the risk of sleep and sleep-related disorders by a whopping 25%. It is worth noting that, although alcohol may trigger some sleep thanks to its sedative properties. People who consume alcohol as a sleep aid attests to disruptions in their sleep cycle as liver enzymes metabolize alcohol.

While these seem and feel uncomfortable for the patients, its effects are not friendly. All of which is evident considering it may lead to headaches, vomiting, and other issues the next day. Considering the findings above, it is worth noting that medicating with alcohol as a sleep aid has a knack for building tolerance and can leave its users addicted.

Final Note

While there are some researches about alcohol as a sleep aid, there is a need for adequate examination and findings regarding the effects of marijuana as a sleep aid over alcohol. Although alcohol has proven useful to some as a sleep aid, cannabis, on the other hand, has proven very effective and certified medically as a panacea for insomnia and sleep-related disorders. However, to achieve quality sleep and sleep restfully, your ability to practice quality sleep hygiene is of prime importance. Practicing and making it a part of life is necessary and a very healthy habit to cultivate.



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