With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, we’ve done the research on cannabis use and Canadian veterans, to see how it’s benefiting them now. A survey carried out in 2017 through 2018 opines that over 33% of veterans turn to cannabis as a treatment for depression, chronic pain, and PTSD. Another research carried out by the National Institute on Drug Abuse opined that opioids are the prime cause of over 100 deaths daily. The reverse is; however, the case considering marijuana registers no deaths. With that in mind, here’s how cannabis helps veterans suffering from specific ailments.

  1. Cannabis as a Panacea for Depression

One of the most common problems affecting veterans today is depression. Almost every day in the Canada, vets are known to take their lives because of depression. Making it a severe pain needing immediate attention. The most common cause of depression in veterans is rooted in trauma-related combat during active service. Unfortunately, due to social shame, many veterans forfeit the opportunity of actually seeking treatment for depression.

2.    Cannabis for Veterans in Pains

There is a strong positive relationship between chronic pains associated with combat in veterans, as it affects almost all areas of their lives. Although most doctors turn to opioids for veterans’ pains, its side effects include mood changes, constipation, and even anxiety. Also, opioids are often very addictive, with the Veterans Affairs reporting treatment for 66,000 vets in 2016 for opioid addiction. Cannabis researchers opine that marijuana is an effective non-toxic and non-addicting treatment for pain as it restricts those receptors that cause chronic pain.

  1. Cannabis for Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PSTS is the most common disorder associated with war veterans in the Canada. Although the disorder can occur at any time, most vets are known to witness firsthand the symptoms some two to three months after been deployed. Along with therapy, the treatment of PTSD is of prime importance to all members of the veteran’s family as it is a source of refuge from symptoms of PTSD by using medical cannabis.

  1. Cannabis for Veterans With Suffering From Insomnia

During battles, a wide array of military veterans are surveyed through a lot just so they home victorious. When they finally arrive home, reality sets in, making it hard to sleep due to the memories they got during battle. Although there are many prescription drugs and therapeutic sessions designed to help war heroes suffering from this ailment, none has proven to be effective so far.

Final Note

With the legalization of Cannabis in Canada, cannabis use and Canadian Veterans have seen a huge boost of benefits, as cannabis has many medicinal benefits if used properly. As a war veteran or hero suffering from whatever health-related disorders ranging from chronic pain, PTSD, or depression, the key to getting better lies in your ability to accept your present situation as well as ignoring what the world says about your current predicament.


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