3 of the Most Fun Activities in West Vancouver You Must Try!

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Known to be one of the wealthiest communities in Canada, West Vancouver is a top priority when it comes to travel and leisure. Here, you’ll be greeted with beautiful parks and gorgeous beaches you won’t find elsewhere. The vibrant mood set by West Vancouver, alongside its perfect ratio of city and natural views, is something […]

Top 5 Best Indica Strains for Anxiety to Ease You Fast

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Unfortunately, anxiety is something we’re all too familiar with. May it stem from our personal lives, work, or relationships, we can all agree that it’s not a pleasant feeling at all. In fact, a 2013 report shows that 3 million Canadians (or 11.6% of the population) experience anxiety disorders. This urges many people to reach […]

3 Super Easy Ways on How to Make CBD Gummies with Jello

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Want something fun to do and even more fun to eat? Ever thought of mastering how to make CBD gummies with Jello? Well, it’s quite common to see CBD gummies recipes everywhere now. But, this recipe comes with three twists that will cover a more basic to an intermediate recipe depending on the amount of […]

Top 5 Incredibly Fun Things To Do in East Vancouver You Must Try!

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East Vancouver is recognized for its evergreen trees and its nature-rich cityscapes that you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re looking for somewhere peaceful, colorful, and rich in the fields of art and music. Then, look closely at the many great things to do in East Vancouver. Whether you’re looking forward to staying for a week […]

2 Fail-proof Ways on How to Make Cannabis-Infused Cooking Oil Perfectly

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Here’s a little secret about every cannabis cooking recipe you see online- The moment you master how to make cannabis-infused cooking oil, you can create just about any edible out there. So yes, marijuana cooking oil is the ultimate foundation to every delicious and “special” recipe you see out there. The best part about doing […]

5 Ridiculously Fun Activities in Steveston You Must Try In This Lifetime!

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Oh, Steveston. Known for its abundant waters and rich history in fishing, it stands as a must-visit spot for many. The beautiful weather tied with its superb tourism is just a few of its characteristics no one should miss out on. So if you’re planning to stop by The Gateway to the Orca anytime soon, […]

Top 5 Best Disposable Vape You Must Try Today

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It goes without saying that disposable vape pens are a leading cannabis vaporizer option. Ever since its spread in the market, it stands as one of the most in-demand products available today. However, being a beginner is hard. With all these forums and reviews being bombarded to you, it’s hard to figure the best disposable […]

Does Weed Go Old? 4 Basic Weed Facts You Need to Know Before Buying

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Before you even think about buying your first batch of weed, you need to know how long you can keep it for. So, does weed go old? And when it does, is it still “okay” to use? Above all, how do you know if it’s already “old”? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, […]

The Best 3 Tips on How to Store Weed Securely

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If you’re a firm believer in tossing your stash on a plastic bag and calling it a day, don’t be surprised if your beautiful buds can’t do their wonders anymore. Learning how to store weed properly is a must-know requirement for anyone who consumes it. No one is exempted! See, weed can benefit your body, […]

Is Weed Good For Stress? 5 Shocking Facts You Must Know Now!

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Is weed good for stress? With a recent study stating how 73 percent of people agree that stress directly impacts their mental health, this question demands to be answered. As we all know, cannabis products (especially CBD) are known to be the “drug of ease” for many people over the years. Although there are limitations […]