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We understand how difficult it is to look for a cannabis business that is both secure and dependable. So, we worked day and night to become one, just for you. With The High Keys’ opening its fast and reliable system of cannabis delivery in East Vancouver, you can be at ease knowing that everything you want is within your reach. 

To meet your weed demands as effectively as possible, we offer a large variety of only the highest-quality brands and cannabis products. Purple OG Kush, distillates, oils, CBD? We got it all. See, our primary goal is to deliver the best level of service while keeping all of our products within reach, budget-wise

By choosing The High Keys as your partner in East Vancouver, you can guarantee that your opinion, wants, and desires are the priority. We are proud of having one of the largest selections of cannabis products to offer in the market. And don’t worry about the expense. Our team is ready to prove that the best doesn’t have to be the most expensive. 

You deserve only the best. And because of this, we’ll do everything in our power and passion for giving you the best.   

What’s The High Keys in East Vancouver?

We are a committed cannabis dispensary that offers same-day delivery to East Vancouver. We are known primarily for our massive weed collections and fast weed delivery in Burnaby. Our team is made up of weed-loving individuals who push above and beyond to find the most outstanding brands, products, and prices for our customers. 

In our business, The High Keys takes a very straightforward approach. Basically, each time you’re craving weed, our shop redirects you to the best cannabis choices you’ll ever find in all of Canada. Our team works very hard to make sure our customers get the hottest weed products. We will deliver your order to you in East Vancouver once you’ve placed it on our user-friendly site. With the High Keys, getting high has never been this great and easy!

What Products Can I Find At The High Keys in East Vancouver?

We’re proud of the extensive cannabis choices we have available for our clients. Aside from the numerous product research efforts we put into each item, all of our items have completed lab testing. Our items range from medical to therapeutic products, depending on your need. All of these are also certified to provide a variety of mental and physical health advantages. 

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular items at The High Keys. Remember that we supply all of them in the highest possible quality, no matter where you are in East Vancouver!

Cannabis Concentrates

These concentrates are derived and extracted from the plants themselves. They are known as one of the most versatile cannabis products. They’re incredibly effective, pure, and easy to use. If you’re looking for a quick boost after a hard day, this is the way to go. With these, you can accomplish a lot with a little, such as dabbing, smoking, cooking, or mixing it with your favorite cup of tea! Explore the world of cannabis with our top-notch concentrates! 

Marijuana Flowers

The High Keys is well-known for its immense marijuana flower collection. We have a variety of weed strains available, including Hybrids, Indicas, and Sativas. Of course, when it comes to cannabis strains, we only include the best of what Canada has to offer. So whether you want to feel stimulated or relaxed, we’ve got the right marijuana flowers for you. To top it off, we provide our customers with a special mix and match option, allowing them to explore more while spending less.

Weed Edibles

Our pot edibles are ideal whether you’re looking for something sweet, sour, creamy, or chocolatey. Indulge in our extensive selection of marijuana gummies, tinctures, brownies, chocolate, caramel bites, and other edibles. Who says you can’t have your sweet tooth satisfied while high or relaxed? Experience the tastiest, most exciting edibles at The High Keys. It’s every adult’s dream come true!

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms are a popular choice among fans. These have incredible soothing and therapeutic properties, making them ideal for unwinding after a long day. You’ll appreciate the various Mushroom-related products we’ve tailored for you. Gummies made with Magic Mushrooms? Chocolates made from Magic Mushrooms? At The High Keys, the options are endless!


Vapes are becoming increasingly popular due to their hard-to-forget impact and wide range of flavors. With that said, we have the best options for your vaping experience here at The High Keys. We have narrowed down the most superb vape pens on the market, as well as other essentials such as cartridge refills, E-juice, disposable pens, and more. Although cannabis vape items are relatively mainstream, we’ve whittled down all options to only the best items. At The High Keys, we promise that you’ll never settle for less.

CBD Products

Tired? Drained out?  When it comes to these problems, CBD is unrivaled. To ensure you have the most pleasing relaxing experience, we offer the most effective CBD products with the fastest-acting medicinal effects. The High Keys contain all you need and more if you don’t want to feel high and prefer feeling light and carefree. CBD oils, vapes, and creams, to name a few. We have it, and we’ll deliver it to you in East Vancouver right away.

Your One-Stop Cannabis Dispensary in East Vancouver

We love two things; cannabis and our fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Our company’s service is based on our shared passion for marijuana. As a result, we find it extremely simple to work for your best experience. East Vancouver is an admired place for its rich tourism and extraordinary landscapes. We were inspired by this. 

And now, we’re a team that strives to make our cannabis products something that can make someone’s East Vancouver memories more enjoyable. And what better way to spice up one’s life than with weed? So, place your order now and see why we’re the best cannabis dispensary in town!

Fast and Reliable Delivery in East Vancouver

Our customers are in good hands, knowing they can have what they want anytime and anywhere in Canada. With our fast-acting weed delivery system, we can have your orders ready the moment you place them. Weed shouldn’t be something you have to wait long for. Have it when you want it, only here at The High Keys.

Is It Legal to Order At The High Keys?

Absolutely! On October 17, 2018, recreational and medical marijuana became legal in Canada. Other cannabis products, such as edibles, topicals, and so on, became legal after a year. The Cannabis Act is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about Canada’s marijuana legislation. 

It should be emphasized, however, that each area may have its own set of restrictions. Therefore, it’s critical to inspect the region before placing an order. Of course, you can trust that all transactions conducted under The High Keys are safe, convenient, and, most importantly, legal!

As a general rule, here are the following guidelines implemented in Delta:

  • The customer purchasing cannabis products must be at least 19 years old to buy, sell, or consume cannabis. 
  • A person can only have 30 grams in public. 
  • Smoking cannabis is not allowed in prohibited areas. 
  • Consuming cannabis in school properties or vehicles is illegal. 
  • A single household can only have a maximum of four (4) cannabis plants grown at a time.

Experience the best weed in the fastest, most convenient way, only here at The High Keys in East Vancouver.