During the Covid-19 lockdown, very few cannabis lovers, enthusiasts, and cannabis patients would have though buying weed would be this easy. With essential businesses respecting lockdown laws, cannabis dispensaries in many provinces across Canada weren’t affected.

This exception made by some provinces doesn’t mean shopping at a dispensary is business as usual because getting into a dispensary means complying with the following laws.

Considering the tip above, additional requirements designed to limit and, of course, avoid human interaction are still in effect across many provinces.

Buying Weed Online During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Although these Covid-19 safety mechanisms put in place may lengthen and add stress to your schedules, worry not for there is an easy way out. All you need do is follow these simple steps when it comes to buying weed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With lockdown measures in place, the best way to order your favorite cannabis strain is online (company’s website). Therefore, beating the queues means making sure you had tendered a pre-order for your goods. Upon receiving your order, make sure you have your money because most cannabis shops cannot accept online payment. After all, cannabis remains a schedule one drug.

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic means strict measures to ensure public safety. As such, every dispensary must respect and implement social distancing rules and ensure customers wear masks while in the store.

Talking in the waiting room is necessary for some people. Why this is not a problem; make sure they respond from the other end of the room. Considering most of these waiting rooms are small, it is advisable you do not get closer to each other. Never plan on the availability of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at the reception desk. Instead, carry yours wherever you go just in case.

With our freedom snatched by Covid-19, many cannabis dispensaries have made some changes.  While online cannabis sales weren’t a thing, the demand for cannabis sandwiched with excessive queues outside made this store decide to sell online.  With that said, here’s a tip for Cannabis newbies: smelling cannabis jars isn’t an option anymore due to the current pandemic.

A Guide for Cannabis Use during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Although the current pandemic (Covid-19) has changed how we live, staying safe and keeping our families the same way is our priority. With that in mind, enclosed below are some tips to help you consume cannabis responsibly.

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