East Vancouver is recognized for its evergreen trees and its nature-rich cityscapes that you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re looking for somewhere peaceful, colorful, and rich in the fields of art and music. Then, look closely at the many great things to do in East Vancouver. Whether you’re looking forward to staying for a week or a longer time, this article is going to act as your “bucket list.” Let’s take a look at what East Vancouver has to offer:

What’s East Vancouver known for?

East Vancouver is one of Canada’s most diverse and growing communities. It’s known for being surrounded by jolly parks, exciting local shops, and good nightlife destinations. Among all of the places in Canada, East Vancouver is one of the most chosen options for people to live in. They have two main reasons for this: One, the living cost in East Vancouver is more affordable than in other spots. And the second (and most important reason) is the beauty it holds for nature lovers and cityscapes enthusiasts.

But of course, you don’t need to live here just to experience the most fun things to do in Vancouver. As stated above, below are the activities you have to try out when you’re visiting the area:

  1. Visit Queen Elizabeth Park

Ask any local about which place to visit as a tourist, and it’s a guarantee that one of their picks is going to include Queen Elizabeth Park. Boasting its floral and art displays, this park stands as one of Vancouver’s most iconic places. You might be interested to know that it’s the highest point in Vancouver too. So, if a spectacular view is what you’re looking for, Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the places you should include on your bucket list.

But, there’s more to Queen Elizabeth Park than just views. This must-go jewel is known widely for six main reasons: the Quarry Gardens boasting its evergreen trees and massive nature sights, the Arboretum, which homes one of the world’s tallest trees and more tree variations you can only find here, a stunning rose garden that commemorates Canada’s Centennial, a public art display that parades sophisticated sculptures including world-renowned artist Henry Moore, a beautiful plaza and the Dancing Water fountain with 70 jets of water that makes use 85,000 liters of recirculating water and lastly, a designated corner for painters and street artists to greet the visitors with their artworks.

If you like nature and art, you’ll find yourself lost in the many refreshing things to do in East Vancouver around this interest. Queen Elizabeth Park is a popular tourist spot because most of the commodities you’ll find here can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. So whether you’re a short-term tourist or planning to stay longer, this park is something you shouldn’t miss on your visit.

  1. Experience Fun at The Pacific National Exhibition

We can’t create a list of the fun things to do in East Vancouver without including The Pacific National Exhibition. Why? Because it’s everything you’d define “fun” as! Get in touch with your inner child as this Fair features more than 50 rides and attractions that will surely get you pumped up. And yes, they do have an adult admission, so nothing is holding you back!

Aside from this, the Pacific National Exhibition is also a playground of yummy treats ranging from mouthwatering savory meals to desserts. You can also go here for evening concerts, entertaining live performances, floral and animal displays, and to top it all off, they even have games prepared specially for you! The PNE is admired greatly for its Fright Nights at Playland offer. From the titles of the activities and attractions they have offered, you just know that the Pacific National Exhibition knows how to have fun!

Speaking of fun, if you can’t squeeze in the time to visit the PNE and want to walk away from life’s stressors, we recommend trying out marijuana in East Vancouver. If you’re looking for an upper that works as if you’re on a thrilling ride, you should try our Sativa strains. The sensation you’re going to get is as fun as bungee jumping, minus the actual jumping. The High Keys offers East Vancouver cannabis delivery, so you can get your hands on it ASAP.

By the way, an important note about the PNE is that you should check their schedule before going since their availability changes from time to time. However, we suggest visiting during summertime, it’s the best.

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  1. Drink The Best Beer at Postmark Brewing

Taste the difference here at Postmark Brewing as you’re greeted with an aromatic experience the moment you enter. It’s a must-try for everyone, especially for those with a knack for good beer.

The brewer beers here come in small batches, as it stays true to its authentic craft style. You’ll enjoy the highest quality beer beverages crafted by their veteran brewmasters. After trying this in Vancouver, your standards in good beer will never be the same!

Do they offer products or activities? Of course. Aside from the brewery tours they offer, you can shop and take home their superior beers in growler sizes, cans, and bottles. Truly, Postmark Brewing knows that once you try their beer, you have to take some home! And in case you get hungry from sampling beers, you can request to order food from the Belgard Kitchen adjacent to the brewery. Of course, it’s better if you arrange these requests beforehand.

If you wish to go beyond the sensation beer offers, you can also try out cannabis in East Vancouver. As weed enthusiasts, we suggest that you try The High Keys’ massive collection of Mixers. These come in multiple delicious flavors you can mix with your soda, water, or tea. Have it as quick and convenient as possible with our East Vancouver weed delivery system.

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  1. Discover More at Bloedel Conservatory

The Bloedel Conservatory is listed as one of the most amusing things to do in East Vancouver for the many nature-centered gems it offers its visitors. Also located at the city’s highest point, the Bloedel Conservatory homes more than 100 exotic birds and 500 exotic plants. In order to maintain and nourish the birds and the plants, the conservatory is temperature-controlled. The sight you’ll witness here is something you can only enjoy in East Vancouver. So, you can’t miss it!

Engage yourself and witness nature’s exotic features with the Bloedel Conservatory’s gardens. It’s also surrounded by massive fountains and sculptures. We recommend going here with your family as the conservatory is built as an indoor dome. Deviate yourself from the fast-paced cityscapes and enjoy the hidden treasures of Canada. Currently, you can purchase and schedule your visit online.

  1. Try The Best Marijuana in East Vancouver

The last item (and definitely not the least) on our list of things to do in East Vancouver is no other than trying out our top-rated cannabis items. We now offer exclusive and fast cannabis delivery in East Vancouver so, you no longer have to wait. Our East Vancouver delivery system opens its doors for you to try out the variety of top-rated items we have in our shop.

The High Keys provides weed products for all types of concerns. Feeling stuffy and sick? We have it. Do you want to feel energized, or would you like to relax for a bit? Whatever sensation you’re craving, we have it ready for you. You wouldn’t want to miss out on trying Canada’s top dispensary. Allow us to elevate your East Vancouver experience!

Our Weed Picks for East Vancouver

Indeed, The High Keys’ cannabis in East Vancouver just “hit” different. So, we prepared some of our personal picks to guide you on which one to get that suits East Vancouver the best. But, don’t be afraid to explore our catalog. We assure you that all our products are worth trying:

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  1. Weed Chocolate

You can never go wrong with chocolate, let alone weed chocolate! Our cannabis-infused chocolate products are perfect on the go as you discover East Vancouver’s beauty. It’s one of our picks for visitors because of its convenience. You don’t have to smoke or prepare anything to enjoy the robust sensation of these chocolates. And not to mention, it’s sweet, creamy taste you’ll genuinely love.

  1. Mixers

Spice up your drink with your beverages with our weed mixers. These are packed with the ever-pure and potent THC distillates to equip you with the sensation of a lifetime. What we love about our mixers is the range of flavors you can choose from. Sweet? Sour? Chocolatey? Minty? We have it all. So the next time you get your hands on a drink from East Vancouver, slide some drops of these, and we assure you that you’ll come back for more!

  1. Sativa Strains

Known for its remarkable “upper” effects, our Sativa strains are the best choice if you want to feel energized or “pumped up.” As you may have noticed, East Vancouver is an accommodating hub for artists. And Sativa strains are the best ones to get for creative use. So if you’d like to feel inspired and uplifted, we have a broad range of Sativa strains waiting for you. By trying our Sativas, you’ll experience another point of view where everything looks and feels like a work of art. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

The Takeaway: Fun Things To Do in East Vancouver

East Vancouver is Canada’s natural and artistic gem. Here, you’ll find warm smiles with breathtaking views and friendly exotic animals. You’ll never run out of things to do and places to go in this culture-rich destination. We at The High Keys would love to accompany you on your stay by offering the country’s top-rated cannabis brands and products. Enjoy!

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