Is weed good for stress? With a recent study stating how 73 percent of people agree that stress directly impacts their mental health, this question demands to be answered. As we all know, cannabis products (especially CBD) are known to be the “drug of ease” for many people over the years. Although there are limitations in studying whether this claim is sufficient to be a fact, many studies reveal the possible correlation between marijuana and stress.

Why is Weed Good for Stress?

Cannabis products are known to induce sensations that could redirect one’s attention to different matters. Which, in return, may release them from their stressful thoughts. Now, this explanation is just the eye-level of what recent studies have found. How great would it be to have a go-to stress reliever on your bad days, right?

With that being said, here are 5 findings that could answer the beneficial correlation between marijuana and stress:

  1. CBD and Social Anxiety

If you’re constantly stressed out to the point of feeling fear or embarrassment towards people, it’s time to assess yourself. Severe stress could make someone highly anxious in public areas or places with many people. As a result, this could hinder one’s personal relationships, career, mental stability, and self-image.

Social anxiety is a life-threatening disorder that flares up when stress is repeatedly experienced. Symptoms include a fast heartbeat, trembling, cold sweats, lightheadedness, and severe headaches. Just like most disorders, social anxiety is found to be challenging to treat. However, a 2015 review shows promise in how CBD may be used to treat the condition.

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As stated earlier, there are legal limitations in studying cannabis or drugs in general. So, there isn’t an official claim on this matter yet. However, a 2015 study in neuroscience can help explain how CBD can be a potential treatment for social anxiety. This study involved two individuals diagnosed with social anxiety. After trying CBD, the researchers found positive results.

So, they first noticed the increased blood flow in the cingulate cortex. The cingulate cortex is essential since it acts as the line between sense, emotional regulation, and physical action. An improved blood flow in this specific area can help better the interpretation and reaction of an individual. Thus, decreasing their tension in social places.

If you’re someone with social anxiety, reoccurring memories of embarrassing or unpleasant moments can stir your stress levels more. However, the same study also reported that the subjects experienced decreased blood circulation to the hippocampus and parahippocampal gyrus. These areas are responsible for recalling memories. So, decreasing blood circulation in this area can help reduce stressful thinking or reminiscing.

Moreover, these areas are also found to have a connection with one’s anxiety levels. So the idea of CBD decreasing blood flow in the mentioned parts is a potential explanation behind its effectiveness for treating social anxiety.

The topic of marijuana and stress also points to the connection between weed and anxiety. Luckily, CBD is an anxiolytic substance. In other words, it’s an anxiety-reducing drug. This explains why CBD is widely known for treating chronic pain and promote better rest.

  1. Weed Can Help Improve Your Mood.

Amidst a stressful day, it seems impossible to keep a smiling face. A published study has presented a rather interesting take on the correlation between marijuana and stress, especially in mood improvement. In this study, subjects were given THC. After this, the researchers found that the subject’s facial expressions decreased in similarity with negative emotions. Instead, their faces were more accurate for positive associations.

More on this study, the researchers also made use of a brain imaging technology called fMRI. The findings concluded that there was a “shift” between the networks that moved towards positive emotional content than a negative one.

So, this could be the possible explanation of how THC or cannabis products can help improve one’s mood despite the stress. Actually, any weed user would be positive in claiming that marijuana or cannabis products can help boost a person’s mood. It hasn’t been confirmed until now only because of legal restrictions. But for weed users, this is a “given.”

  1. Cannabis Can Help You Relax Better.

To answer if or how is weed good for stress, we need to understand the nature of being stressed. So, being bombarded with unhealthy thoughts and overwhelming tasks makes it hard for people to step back and relax. This interferes with their breathing patterns and blood circulation. Nevertheless, a 2020 study has discovered great news regarding how cannabis can help people relax better, even with severe stress.

The research was held in New Mexico, where the use of medical marijuana is legal. So, the study made the subjects inhale cannabis flowers to reduce irritability, anxiety, and overall stress. They made the proponents track their moods on a mobile application as they were experiencing the effects of weed in real-time.

After the duration of observing the subjects, positive feedback was returned. In over 95% of the sessions, the users confirmed that they felt less anxiety and stress. The research team observed 2,300 marijuana sessions by 670 participants. So, it is a large-scale study that helps us measure the consistency of the results.

Cannabis and relaxation go all the way back. As a matter of fact, this claim is widely accepted by some medical institutions, to the point where they recommend medical marijuana to aid in traumatic stress or chronic pain.

  1. Cannabis Can Help You Sleep Better.

It’s no secret that stress makes sleeping nearly impossible. With an increased heart rate and a mind that wanders off to exhausting thoughts, it comes in no shock that stressed-out people don’t get enough sleep. This is where cannabis products enter the story. With its long history of aiding people in their sleepless nights, here’s what you want to know:

Yes. CBD or Cannabidiol is found to be an effective treatment for insomnia as it helps promote better sleep quality. As a matter of fact, an investigation revealed that a CBD dosage of 160 milligrams helps increase one’s sleep duration. Also, some medical institutions encourage CBD for this matter, especially considering how it can’t intoxicate or make a person addicted or dependent on the substance.

So, if you’re planning on improving your sleep with CBD, there’s nothing to worry about!

While this article answers how is weed good for stress, there isn’t much input on THC. The misconception about THC is that it’s only good for getting “high.” Thus, many people try to avoid products with THC as much as possible when they’re under stress. However, a 2008 study gives a different answer.

The study states that ingesting marijuana strains with relatively high THC levels can reduce the amount of REM sleep a person gets. Now, isn’t that a bad thing? For people who are stressed, depressed, or anxious, this can help in reducing nightmares. The study also adds that the less deep a sleeping session gets, the more restful it can be for stress or depression.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that this study only applies to those with extreme stress or depression to the extent of getting bad dreams or negative evening thoughts. REM is vital in restoration, and only in these severe cases can reducing it sounds like a better option. But don’t worry, if you want to sleep better, go for CBD instead.

weed good for stress , cannabis products, marijuana and stress, stress relief

  1. Combining THC and CBD Is A Good Idea.

“What’s better? CBD or THC?” Of course, this is the most daunting question any weed user has to go through. But in terms of relieving stress, which one is better? Before that, let’s have a quick recap.

CBD or Cannabidiol-based cannabis products can’t make you high. However, it’s the most common variation used to treat ailments like migraines, insomnia, chronic pain, and neurological conditions. On the other hand, products heavy in THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol give off psychoactive sensations that induce euphoria and intoxication. In other words, THC is what makes a person high.

Most people believe that THC is not a good substance for stress relief because it can cause euphoria and extreme sensations. This claim is reasonable until a 2018 study revealed that THC isn’t as bad as we think in terms of aiding stress.

As stated earlier, a 2018 study revealed that the combination of THC and CBD may even be more effective than just CBD alone. Aside from how 50% of the research subjects confirmed a noticeable reduction in symptoms of depression, they were able to uncover something else. Here, they found that those who consumed high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC produced the most improvements in depression.

However, it is a given that the amount of CBD must be more than THC and that THC should be regulated. Again, THC is a psychoactive substance. So, it wouldn’t be wise to consume too much. It will result in palpitations and euphoria that is definitely not advisable for stressed people.

In another research where they used THC to see if it can aid in stress, volunteers showed different reactions. The study concludes that those who used 7.5 mg of THC per session showed positive signs of decreased stress levels. Whereas the other volunteers who consumed 12.5 mg resulted in higher levels of stress. So, be mindful of the dosage.

If you’re still new and not confident in measuring the dosage of how much you should consume, it’s a good idea to stick to CBD first. Either way, if relieving stress is what you’re worried about, CBD is more than enough to help you with that.

The Boiling Point

So, is weed good for stress? Yes. It can help relieve and redirect the mind and body to different outlets and beneficial sensations. Although studying this matter has restrictions, the reports above were still able to provide substantial information. As always, be mindful of your dosage and current health condition. Stress is definitely not something to be taken lightly. Hopefully, the right cannabis product with the proper dosage can help you push through whatever you’re experiencing!

weed good for stress , cannabis products, marijuana and stress, stress relief

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