How Legalization Of Cannabis in Canada Changed Perception of Cannabis Within Canada

October 2018 saw Canada only became the second across the globe after Uruguay legalized recreational cannabis federally. While this signaled a step in the right direction for the Canadian population, there are strict measures implemented by Justin Trudeau (prime minister of Canada) regarding this major drug reform. With the most notable being to protect young Canadians by keeping marijuana far away from their hand.

Cannabis Laws for the Younger Generation

While adults can control their cannabis intake, kids, on the other hand, aren’t that careful. Therefore helping them stay clear of the drug means fewer health-related risks on their paths and less stress for their parents and guidance. With that said, our topic of interest for this research surrounds cannabis legalization and the changes it had on the overall perception of Canadians

Canadians Perception towards Cannabis Legalization

Before legalization, the stigma associated with the consumption of cannabis, especially for people of color, was something else. Talk less of the very many arrests carried out for mare possession of cannabis. While all of this is in the past now, the future can only be bright for cannabis enthusiasts, cannabis investors, and Cannapreneurs alike. enclosed below are Canadians Perception towards Cannabis Legalization

Marginalization and discrimination when it comes to the use of cannabis have been a mainstay in many nations, including Canada, with neighbors the United States not any better. However, the inception of legalization means little room for marginalization and discrimination. Therefore, everyone is free to consume cannabis, be part of the cannabis industry, and of, course, sap from its profits as long as you are within the legal age to do so.

This legalization signaled a step in the right direction, considering a wide array of convicted felons for cannabis-related charges are either being set free or on the verge of been freed, sandwiched with expunged cranial records. Imagine the joy this ill brings to families, especially for those whose loved ones are in detention.

With the legalization issues resolved, the cannabis industry has experienced nothing but a boom. All of which is evident as it now ranks amongst the most lucrative sectors in Canada. Giving rise to the creation of many cannabis-related businesses, job opportunities, sandwiched with an improved standard of living for many families in Canada.

Thanks to research and proven results regarding the potencies of cannabis as a panacea for a wide array of ailments, hospitals in Canada have witnessed a significant decline in their patient’s turnout. All of which is engineered by cannabis and its ability to help patients suffering from ailments such as pain, depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

With revenues through taxes being one of the governments, most treasured revenue streams, cannabis legalization gave rise to many businesses. And the government makes mouthwatering revenues through taxes and is now able to carry out her activities with ease effectively know the cannabis industry was able to make that possible.


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