Mataro Blue Strain


Mataro Blue Strain Online

Indica 7
0% / Sativa 30%

THC: 19.70% – 24.30%
We scan all our batches of flowers with GemmaCert, please feel free to check them out and see what they are doing.

May Relive:
Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Stress

Makes You Feel:
Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing

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Mataro Blue Strain Online

Mataro Blue strain is an amazingly rare indica dominant strain, there really isn’t that many strains that we would actually say is “amazingly rare”.  Normally, breeders will only use two different cannabis strains to cross to create new strains, but this one used three strains instead.  The three strains used to create Mataro Blue are Black Domina, Mazar Sharif, and another dank strain the Blue Monster, each of the three strains can be potent in its own already.

Mataro Blue buds are incredibly sticky, and dense.  The buds are like fat Christmas trees, dark green, with light green hues, and dark blue undertones.  Trichome heads are clearly visible all over and caked like frosting on doughnuts.   Orange hairs are noticeable, but they are barely peaking out from the bud.  The bud reeks of dankness, sweet blueberries, with a wonderful herbal essence.

This is a great strain for those that are looking for something to help them sleep, loss of appetite, depression, and chronic pain.  The feeling starts from the head down, you will get a great amazing euphoric rush, which will slowly creep to the body, fully relax you and help with your ailments.  You will feel very calm, happy, and extremely relaxed, a very uplifting experience.

Mataro Blue strains a great overall wonder, if you have not gotten a chance in trying this wonder, it’s a must try.

We scan all our batches of flowers with GemmaCert, please feel free to check them out and see what they are doing.


Flower Weight

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