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SeC // Rose Buds 800mg


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SEC Rose Bud Edibles are truly one of a kind. As an florist knows roses are truly the Queen of all flowers.  SEC Rose Buds are built to look like one, taste like one, but certainly making you feel like a Queen.  Each bud is 800mg of THC, so tread lightly.  These are truly for the veterans that knows their ways around the cannabis communities.

These fierce flowers pack a powerful punch, so before you wake up and smell the roses, you’ve been warned. Some of the best buds you’ll ever have, these Rosebuds come equipped with 800mg of THC and a wonderful watermelon flavour. Beware These are our highest dose edible.

Directions: Each edible contains 800mg of THC, please cut them into your preferred dosage.  We STRONGLY suggest to start off with 10mg, and work up gradually over time.  Edibles do work differently from one and another, the average time for your body to process it varies, 45mins – 1.5hrs is about the average time.

Storage instructions: For best results, please store in a cool, dry place.

WARNING: Keep away from children and pets.

This product may have a chance to melt in the summer, please be aware nothing can survive the heat in the back of any truck.


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