Sweet, versatile, and irresistible. Weed candies are slowly gaining massive recognition from cannabis enthusiasts from all around the world. If you’re here to ask whether this is also the right choice for you or not, don’t worry. We’re here to confidently give you four reasons why weed candies live up to their hype!

What Makes Weed Candies Different?

THC, CBD, or a combination of both are present in all edibles. These are chemicals that have a variety of recreational and medicinal uses. We can find these on vapes, oils, distillates, and edibles like weed candies. But what sets cannabis candies apart is their alluring, candy-like flavor, which is created through distillation.

When a liquid is transformed to vapor and then condensed back into a liquid, this is known as distillation. Pure THC distillate is used in weed candies and other marijuana edibles. The most noticeable effect of this process is that it eliminates the potent taste of cannabis. From there, we have a vast range of delectable candy flavors to choose from. Yay!

Understandably, flavors alone can’t persuade you to try marijuana edibles. But, it’s more than just the taste.  Here, you’ll see why cannabis candies are getting so much popularity these days. So, here are the reasons why you should give it a shot and why it might spice up your experience more than you think:

  1. Flavor (Duh!)

You might be familiar with marijuana brownies or cupcakes back in the old days. But we’re far more advanced than that! Nowadays, almost every imaginable taste or flavor is available in the market. This isn’t an overstatement at all.edible gummies, marijuana edibles, weed candy, edibles, weed candies

Yes. It does taste like regular candies most of the time (unless you’re opting for the ones with fewer flavorings). You have a wide range of flavors to choose from. Strawberry, cherry cola, peach, and caramel flavors are frequently the most popular. To be honest, there are so many different flavors of cannabis candies that a single article won’t be able to cover them all. So go ahead and spice it up!

Depending on the brand you choose, companies generally add various flavoring agents in addition to the core flavor. Coconut oil, cocoa butter, and unsweetened chocolate are common additions. Don’t worry, though; cannabis candies aren’t “too sweet.”

But if you’re worried about the added sugar content, other options have fewer flavorings, artificial sweeteners, and calories. Just make sure to read the product description before purchasing. Also, consider the dosage present in each piece so you won’t get overwhelmed by its effects.

Most of the time, weed candies don’t taste like weed anymore. Actually, the dosage and flavoring ingredients in the edibles will determine this. Because some individuals prefer the subtle, earthy flavor of marijuana, some companies purposefully keep it. There’s nothing to be worried about if this isn’t you.

Although this isn’t true for all edibles, those with higher cannabis dosages are more likely to have an earthy flavor. This is because some businesses focus solely on taste rather than sensation. So once again, make sure to read the product description before buying!

While this is a personal preference, some beginners love citrus-flavored ones like orange, lemon, and mango. Another safe choices are caramel or chocolate-flavored weed candies (come on, who doesn’t like chocolates, right?) These tend to cover up the weed flavors well. Finally, if you’re feeling a bit extra, you can try the assorted packs where every pull is a surprise.

  1. Extended Time

Many folks are surprised to learn that edibles last longer than cigarettes! These colorfully packaged sweets can provide a less powerful but buildable “high.” You can be assured that the sensation will linger in your body for an extended period. This is why:

Weed candies enter the body in one of two ways: orally or by gastrointestinal absorption. When it comes to oral consumption, this means the candy melts in the mouth. Then, the cannabidiol gets absorbed into the bloodstream (thank your tongue for this!) Most weed candies are orally absorbed.

The second absorption method is via digestion. When it gets mixed with the saliva, it breaks down and enters the stomach. Then, it gets absorbed inside the body and slowly releases the cannabis substances responsible for the sensation we get from weed. This process takes time, so it’s crucial to wait at least an hour before eating another piece!

So, it will also take more time lingering inside your body if it took time for the sensation to be felt. It’s that simple!

Absolutely not! Eating weed candies is different from using vape pens for vaping or smoking. You’re bound to experience the sensation after a few minutes to an hour. Other users reported that it took a lot of time before the feeling started to kick in. It’s dangerous to overdose on substances despite weed candies looking harmless or even “cute.”

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  1. A Good “Kick.”

On the surface, weed candies appear to be charming and fruity. However, the pleasure they can provide in just one chew is not to be overlooked. Here’s everything you need to know about weed candies and their effects on your body:

Yes. Weed candies will definitely get you high. In fact, many customers reach out for weed candies when they’re in the mood for something more intense and long-lasting.  But, like with any cannabis product, it ultimately comes down to two things: THC or CBD.

THC is a psychoactive substance. This is the one that gives people the euphoric or “high” feeling they crave. As a result, the higher the THC concentration, the greater the effect. Put simply, if you want to get high, look for weed candies with higher THC concentrations.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are weed candies high in CBD. Weed candies with high CBD concentrations are good for stress and anxiety relief. Go for this if you want to unwind and relax. Mind you, it can’t make you high at all!

It’s vital to answer questions like this. Typically, weed candies come in a pack with 240 mg of THC and 100 mg of CBD. Companies usually combine both for a better experience (or the “entourage effect.”). The prevailing sensation will depend on which serving is higher between THC or CBD. We recommend starting with 10 mg. of THC (this means you can only eat a single piece per session.)

See, the sensation provided by weed candies is unpredictable for each individual. So, being mindful is crucial. But if you’re confident, you can try consuming around 50-70 mg of THC-infused weed candies. Going above this number will result in excessive euphoria and possibly heavy palpitations.

  1. Ease

Most of the time, people are concerned about their friends or acquaintances knowing about their fabulous weed sessions. And of course, it’s doubtful that a person would bring a whole dab rig in their offices or their friends’ homes.

Fortunately, these concerns are no more if you choose to bring a pack of weed candy with you. Plus, it’s easier to share (if you feel like sharing, of course!)

Yes, cannabis candies are more convenient than other types of candy since they take less effort to prepare. In addition, non-smokers will appreciate weed gummies.

See, when consuming cannabis products such as smokes or vapes, people with respiratory issues may be concerned about their lungs. In the case of cannabis candies, you just pack them in your bag and call it a day. You don’t need to smoke anything to feel the sensation.

Another reason why some people prefer edibles is that they do not produce smoke. As a result, there’s no odor, no smoke, and no secondary smoke for people nearby. When trying out cannabis candies, you’re virtually undetectable. It also won’t require an open flame, making it even more discreet. Plus, no one will question a colorful pack of lego-shaped gummies!

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Yes. People with eating disorders require extra attention because it’s harder for them to eat or digest specific amounts of food. This is why weed candies are advisable for them. Because each pack comes with low dosages of CBD or THC, they can slowly consume just the amount they need for the day without overwhelming themselves.

As a piece of advice for those with eating disorders, choose a flavor that you genuinely like. This way, you’re more likely to enjoy them. Then, consume them slowly and wait for it to take effect. Hopefully, eating these will help ignite your appetite.

Should I Try Weed Candies?

If you managed to stay here until the conclusion. Then, it’s pretty clear that we recognize the positive pros of weed candies. For complete beginners, weed candies can help you gain experience and learn your preferences without causing your body to react negatively. And for those who are far from being “starters,” this could be a fun way to spice up your cannabis experience!

Make sure to get it from a trusted dispensary for the best experience, of course.

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