If you’re a firm believer in tossing your stash on a plastic bag and calling it a day, don’t be surprised if your beautiful buds can’t do their wonders anymore. Learning how to store weed properly is a must-know requirement for anyone who consumes it. No one is exempted!

See, weed can benefit your body, relieve you from pain, and even induce happiness. It’s a marvelous thing to have, and not all countries can own one. Therefore, it would be a waste if you can’t maximize its potential because of how you’re storing your weed.

But don’t worry, we’ve narrowed down the 3 best tips on how to store weed efficiently, securely, and conveniently. These tips are the only pieces of information you need to know in keeping weed the right way. You don’t need to buy something expensive or do something extensive, we promise!

Why Should I Store My Weed?

If you don’t store your weed correctly, the following is bound to happen:

This isn’t an exaggeration. Cannabis that isn’t stored correctly attracts moisture. And when it does, mold and mildew will grow in the plant. As a result, conditions like sinus pain, drainage, and congestion might be experienced by the user. Plus, your body is most likely going to have a violent reaction to mold. You wouldn’t want that.

Aside from the health benefits of cannabis, we love to consume weed because of the sensation it gives. Whether it’s a CBD or THC-dominant product, we’re here for the “effects.” Unfortunately, a poorly-stored stash is going to provide you with a poor experience. No matter how powerful the plant is, lousy storage will ruin its quality. Thus, it will be unable to make you “high” or “relaxed.”

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 Just when you think it’s over, it’s not. When the flower is poorly stored, it will attract moisture. And when it does, it will become brittle and lose its vital terpenes. This means the potency and especially the taste will also be affected. Yikes.

As you can see, knowing how to store weed is crucial. You wouldn’t want your flower to be dry, moldy, or gross, right?

3 Tips on How to Store Weed Correctly

Light, air, and storage are the basics of how to store weed correctly. It’s not going to cost you money or a great time to preserve the integrity of your cannabis products. This list contains three of the most important things you should know in storing weed:

  1. Accept that Cannabis Buds Expire.

Does weed go bad? Yes. Regardless of how other people convinced you that weed is immortal, it’s not. This is the first thing you need to accept because most of the time, weed users commit the mistake of thinking that their buds just “can’t” go bad.

Yes, cannabis products expire. For example, CBD oil has a shelf life ranging from 1 to 2 years. What’s different about cannabis products from the typical bud is how they don’t require much attention after purchasing. You can place them on a shelf at the right temperature and be done with it.

But if we’re talking about buds or flowers, you’re going to need to know more about how to store weed.

After cannabis is cured, it’s expected to stay around 1 to 2 years without losing potency. This, of course, is given that the cannabis is stored correctly. Think of weed like wine or whiskey. It needs to be in a dark place with cooler temperatures to survive.

Yes. Curing doesn’t make buds immune to going “bad.” In fact, this is simply a step for cultivators to dry the flowers to preserve their aromas and flavors. Curing is the process of removing initial moisture from the buds after it’s been trimmed. It can’t preserve it (but storing can!)

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  1. The Best Temperature for Storing Weed

Temperature and humidity are the pillars of how to store weed properly. The best humidity for storing weed is around 59% to 63%. Whereas the best temperature for weed should be below 77°F (25°C).

You need to balance it out. Anything lower than the suggested humidity will trap moisture that can induce the presence of mold. On the other hand, anything lower can dry out the flower. You would want to store it somewhere dark and away from direct sunlight as much as possible for the temperature.

Direct sunlight is not good for cannabis buds because it can cause them to break down. And when it does, it can hold moisture and promote molds.

Let’s be honest; we all know not everyone has time to accurately measure the humidity and temperature of an area. So, the best place to store weed is in a dark closet or cabinet. Just make sure it isn’t too hot nor too cold. Your weed should be fine as long as it’s not exposed to extreme conditions.

Now, this is entirely optional. But, you can also add humidity packs or buy a humidor specifically for storing cannabis. It’s not a must but, these extra items can really help, especially if you’re planning to store greater quantities.

No. It’s not advisable to store weed in a freezer. This could dry out the cannabis and cause the trichomes to fall out. The trichomes are the tiny hairs on the flowers that produce cannabinoids; it’s very important. You also don’t want to freeze your weed because it will make it brittle and moldy.

So no, not everything frozen is preserved. It worked for Captain America but, it can’t work on cannabis products!


  1. how to store weed, marijuana storage, cannabis products, store weed, storing weedThe Best Storage Ideas for Keeping Weed

So, where exactly should you store weed? Here are the yes’s and no’s of some of the most popular storage ideas:



how to store weed, marijuana storage, cannabis products, store weed, storing weed

The Concept Behind How to Store Weed Correctly

If you were able to get high-quality weed from our store, congratulations. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy it. Unfortunately, no product is going to keep your weed last for a year or two. Only proper storage will do the trick. It’s important to know what causes your weed to lose its integrity, as well as the storage ideas that are suitable for keeping buds. Again, weed is a prized possession to have so, give it the love and care it deserves. Have fun storing!

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