Is there a right and wrong way to buy cannabis online? There has been a substantial increase in the purchase of cannabis goods online in the past years. People are taking advantage of buying cannabis online without the burden since its legalization in many locations worldwide.

People no longer have to physically exert effort just to find the best-fitting product for their needs. Fortunately, Canada is regarded as one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality cannabis.

Aside from the convenience technology provides, knowing that the best cannabis is only a click away can make anyone glad. But, of course, this does not grant us immunity against poor service, shady websites, or low-grade cannabis products. So you have to make sure you’re getting the best out of your time and money.

With that in mind, here is everything you need to know before clicking “buy”:

How Will I Know That It’s The Right Cannabis Shop?

Unfortunately, not all cannabis shops are made equally. It’s crucial to find a trustworthy online dispensary because marijuana or cannabis products are substances you consume with your body. Luckily, this guide is going to tell you everything you have to consider before trusting a website.

Range in Product Availability

Customers should make the most of their time when purchasing cannabis. A good rule of thumb is to look for a business that sells dried flowers, weed edibles, concentrates, oils, mushrooms, and vapes, among other things. It’s also a plus if they have mix-and-match packs!

Without a doubt, the objective of purchasing cannabis products online would be defeated if the availability of products is limited. Customers should be able to explore based on their needs and compare prices within one shop only. It’s more practical that way. And you should find a shop that meets this standard.

A shop’s list of partners is crucial to search for. The more, the merrier in this case. Having a large number of shop partners or suppliers demonstrates a dispensary’s commitment and dependability. In addition, these types of stores must have a long history of working with suppliers.

What if it’s the other way around, and a store doesn’t provide this information? Customers like you will feel constrained to choosing only limited sets of options. There’s also a great chance that you’re not going to get your money’s worth since you can’t compare brands against each other.


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The interior of a website, like most online shops, displays a company’s level of professionalism. Unfortunately, the harsh truth about site-building is that anyone can create a website, but not a professional one.

For business owners, setting up an official website involves time and money. While it does cost them a lot of money to successfully create one, this act demonstrates their dedication. So, be picky about it! This is the first thing you can observe before you decide to buy cannabis online on a website.

Because online dispensaries don’t have a physical location for clients to visit, they rely heavily on their websites to communicate with their customers. So if the first page alone looks like something a newbie has made, it might be a sign for you to walk away.

Many fraudulent sites will want you to buy cannabis online from their platform. But if you notice any of the following, look for another source:

  1. A file downloads as you view the website. Don’t open the file and immediately delete it.
  2. Scrolling and clicking are hard to do, and the website seems to lag a lot.
  3. The website is unresponsive.
  4. Multiple mistakes in spellings.
  5. No ratings or testimonies from customers.
  6. Poor graphics and a messy overall look.

Still, it’s not required for an online dispensary to have a top-notch logo and sophisticated graphics made by a design master. However, we still can’t ignore that a poorly-made website correlates to poor services. On top of that, if you can’t communicate with a site properly then, don’t buy from it.

Buying online can have risks, especially during payment. So, be cautious in these little indicators before proceeding in handing over your sensitive or personal information.

Age Verification

The moment you click on a website to buy cannabis online, does a pop-up show up to confirm your age? As annoying as this may be for other people, not having this is a big red flag for an online dispensary.

As we all know, not everyone is legally and morally permitted to use or to share cannabis products with minors. This is a legal obligation that “legitimate” cannabis retailers do not disregard.

Sketchy cannabis websites that encourage consumers to buy weed regardless of their age must be avoided. Reputable dispensaries understand the importance of age, and they will not risk facing legal sanctions.

So, let’s say a customer comes across an online dispensary that allows anyone to visit their website. In that situation, you should look for another online dispensary for purchasing cannabis products. An online dispensary that has no restrictions for the customer is not to be trusted.

Customer Service

Customer service refers to how a business engages with its clients. There are specific characteristics to notice for individuals who have never tried buying cannabis online from a dispensary. Actually, it’s pretty similar to the standards you’d like to see in any physical or online store.

The first this to look for is chat support. Of course, it’s understandable that not everyone attending the website knows what they want. So, having this built-in shows excellent promise. Now, if you tried inquiring about something, measure their response time—the shorter the time, the better.

The second is the contact form. If the shop is currently closed, look for their contact form. These are usually located on the edges of the website. From there, you can ask questions which they can answer once a representative is online.

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Delivery Options

What are the delivery options they offer? Do they have discreet shipping? These questions are essential when buying cannabis online. Now, suppose you’re someone who’s not open about their personal purchases. In that case, you should look for an online dispensary that offers wide selections in delivery.

No, they don’t have to know. In fact, no one has to know. Now, a trustworthy online dispensary understands that not everyone is open about their purchases. Thus, they should offer discreet shipping where they hide the details about the customer’s purchase. It’s a simple way of protecting and respecting a customer’s request.

No, it’s not. Therefore, you shouldn’t buy from that site. Websites that claim to ship to “every corner of the globe” or “every corner of Canada” should be disregarded. Again, not all areas in Canada nor the world authorized the possession of cannabis products.

These scams conduct specific deliveries to a customer’s location without taking into account the legal implications. As a result, there’s a potential that beginners will be duped into paying for a product that will never arrive.

Never buy from a “have-it-all.” Most of the time, those who claim to have all usually end up having none.

Doorstep shipping pertains to deliveries sent directly to your doorstep or your house. Shops that partnered with couriers offer faster deliveries. This option is better combined with discreet shipping. And yes, you need it. And, of course, it’s your right to require it in searching for an excellent place to buy cannabis online.

The Correct Way of Buying Cannabis Online

Some “shops” may take advantage of people’s necessities now that marijuana is legal in some areas.  As a result, it’s vital to pay close attention to how an online dispensary portrays itself to its customers.

Buying local cannabis online shouldn’t be or feel like a difficult task. The simplest method to follow is to put your faith in a store that keeps its promises and has a solid track record to back up its claims. Happy shopping!

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